Daw Ommar Sein

Advisor & Chief Compliance Officer

Daw Ommar Sein joined Yoma Bank in September 2014 and currently serves as Advisor. Prior to Yoma Bank, Ommar was part of the Research and Training Department of the Central Bank of Myanmar, where she first joined as a Statistical Assistant and remained for over 38 years until her retirement in 2014. While working at the Central Bank, she was nominated to serve as Senior Advisor to the Executive Director of the SEAV Group at the IMF for a two year term (1996-1998).

Ommar holds a B.Econ (MS) degree from the Institute of Economics. She has, over the years, written several research papers, given lectures at various institutions including the Institute of Economics and the National Defense College, and has represented the Central Bank at local and international conferences and forums. She was also a member of the drafting committee that worked on the 2002 Control of Money Laundering Law.