Yoma Bank Procurement Process

Yoma Bank practices and follows strict criteria in selecting vendors to carry out a proper due diligence of our partners and ensuring the best services for our customers. The supplier/vendor selection process deploys an enormous amount of organization financial resources and plays crucial role for the success of an organization. The main objective of supplier/vendor selection process is to reduce purchase risk, maximize overall value to the bank and develop long-term relationships between supplier/vendor and the bank.

A. Mandatory Criteria
1) Registered company / License to work in Myanmar
2) Compliance with applicable law and regulations in Myanmar (AML Policy, Sanction List, CBM restrictions) including trade restrictions with the supplier

B. General Criteria
1) Good past performance with Yoma Bank or related parties (Price, Quality & Punctuality)
2) Good Reputation/Image of business or business owner. (Good profile)
3) Sound liquidity and/or going concern status of the supplier (ability to operate the business within next 12 months without possibility of being bankrupt) (answer "NO", if the supplier is NPL loan customer of Yoma Bank)
4) Value for Money (VFM): Good quality with competitive price
5) Quality assurance: Accountability on goods/services provided (Products/Service Warranty Availability)
6) Value-added service / After-sale service provided
7) Credit purchase availability (Credit terms: 30 days - 60 days)
8) Lead time in line with job requirement of Yoma Bank (Delivery period)

Yoma Bank embraces its suppliers and vendors, viewing them as partners in helping to grow the business. The bank chooses registered company/license to work in Myanmar, compliance with applicable law and regulations in Myanmar (AML Policy, Sanction List, CBM restrictions) including trade restrictions with the supplier. 

Yoma Bank and the affiliates or any third party acting on their behalf or for their benefit, are required to adhere to this Business Integrity Policy and comply with the applicable laws, irrespective of the jurisdiction they operate in and the laws applicable to such jurisdiction. Non-compliance may result in disciplinary action being taken which may lead to termination of employment, and/or to the termination of a third-party contract.

The choice of a supplier/vendors has significant impact on the cost and quality of the services/product/system/goods. Yoma Bank aims to adopt an appropriate, effective, professional procurement approach guiding by procurement department. 

Yoma Bank’s procurement department is governing the bank wide procurement process by using following process. 

Speak-Up Policy 

  • All Yoma Bank employees are required to report any suspected breach, or potential breach, of our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics. 
  • Yoma Bank will investigate reports and take action when necessary. 

You can download the Speak-Up Policy and Bullying-Harassment Policy for more detail. 

 - Download speak-up policy 
 - Download Bullying-Harassment Policy

Conflict of Interests 

  • The purpose of conflict of interest is to provide guidance in identifying and handling potential and actual conflicts of interest involving Yoma Bank. 
  • A conflict of interest occurs when an employee’s private or personal interests interfere, or appear to interfere, with the interests of the Bank or its customers. 
  • A conflict situation may arise when an employee takes actions or has interests which make it difficult to perform his or her duties objectively and effectively.
  • Employees must avoid situations where personal interests conflict, or appear to conflict, with the interests of the Bank or its customers.

Anti-corruption programmes and procedures (Anti-bribery and corruption)

  • The guideline states that Yoma Bank will not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption. Yoma Bank does not accept or grant any improper advantages (inducements) of any kind, irrespective of whether the person offering or demanding such advantage is working in the public or private sector or given in good faith (such as after the event).
  • Yoma Bank is careful in the selection of business partners, advisors, intermediaries and all other parties supporting us in doing business.
  • Yoma Bank also ensure that such parties do not pay or accept bribes or facilitate payments within the scope of their business relationships with the bank.

Yoma Bank conflict of interest and anti-corruption guidelines are within Yoma Bank Code of Conduct and Business Integrity Policy.