About Us 

In 1993, entrepreneur Mr. Serge Pun launched the very first branch of Yoma Bank, a new kind of financial institution designed to bring Myanmar’s finance industry into the modern world. Within ten years, Yoma Bank had become one of the largest banks in the country. By investing in wireless banking technology and Myanmar’s first computerized accounting system, it created Myanmar’s most efficient remittance service, and by adhering to international standards of transparency and accountability, Yoma Bank forged the strong, global relationships that have made it the industry leader in international banking services. Today, with our hybrid platform and full range of local and international financial services, Yoma Bank continues to define the next generation of banking in Myanmar.

Our Timeline


Yoma Bank Ltd. was established, opening its first branch near Yangon’s iconic Bogyoke Aung San Football Stadium.


Yoma Bank employs cutting-edge wireless banking technology and adopts Myanmar’s first computerized accounting system. 


Yoma Bank opens its 41st branch. Operating in 24 cities, it is now one of Myanmar’s largest banks.


Amid a nationwide financial crisis, the Myanmar government imposes strong banking restrictions and begins nationalizing private banks. Despite government restrictions, Yoma Bank continues to offer reliable and efficient domestic remittances. To this day Yoma Bank’s remittance service remains the most trusted in the country.


Under Myanmar’s new democratic government, the restrictions imposed in 2003 are lifted and Yoma Bank regains its full banking license. It now has more than 50 branches across Myanmar. 


With 79 branches nationwide, Yoma Bank launches its SMART digital account and new mobile banking App, continuing to lead the way in modern, world-class banking.