Mr. Loh Ngik Ming

Chief Business Banking Officer

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Chief Business Banking Officer

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Mr. Loh Ngik Ming @ Gerald has over 20 years of Commercial and Corporate banking experience in client relationships, credit management, and commercial transactions for both listed and unlisted corporates in diversified sectors during his tenures with Malaysian banks, New Zealand banks and a Singaporean bank operating in China. In addition to successfully leading and delivering business objectives, he also led and strengthened the critical business capacities of the team he worked with. Before joining Yoma Bank, he was the Head of Corporate Banking China & Trade Finance at CIMB Bank Berhad in China. As the Chief Business Banking Officer, he oversees Corporate Banking, SME Banking, Working Capital Solutions, Commercial Bancassurance and Lending Support at the Bank. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce & Administration (Accountancy & Information Systems) from Victoria University of Wellington and Graduate Diploma in Business (Corporate Finance) from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. He is credit-certified by Moody’s Omega Performance and Certified Trade Finance Professional accredited.