Schedule deposits and help your capital grow with our highest interest rates

Business Fixed Deposit Account

Our Business Fixed Deposit Account allows you to efficiently and securely grow your capital. By committing to secure, longer-term deposits at any time of the month, you can enjoy our highest offered interest rates. 

Features and Benefits

Highest interest
Accrue our highest annual interest rates available

Custom Deposit Terms
Choose a deposit schedule that works best for your business with term options ranging from 30 days to one year. 

Unlimited Withdraw and Deposit 
Withdraw and deposit as many times as you want within banking hours

Receive our Yoma Passbook to keep track of your deposits and withdrawals

Certified Chequebook
Make easy, cash-free payments and withdrawals 

Interest Rates
Deposit Term Annual Interest Rate
30 Days 8.5%
90 Days9.25% 
180 Days9.5%
270 Days9.75%
365 Days 10%


  • NRC/Passport
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation 
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association 
  • Certificate of Commerce Business
  • Form 6
  • Form 26
  • Board of Directors Meeting Resolution
  • Import and Export Licence
  • Two Introducer IC, Name & Signatures