A back-to-back financing facility to protect and power microfinance institutions

MFI (Yoma Bank back to back facility)

Yoma Bank back-to-back facility is the most effective way to protect microfinance (MFI) institutions from currency fluctuations and foreign exchange risk. As a leader in MFI services, we strive to help the microfinance industry reach its full potential in the Myanmar business world. Expand your business with the support of Yoma Bank back to back facility. Yoma Bank has taken the lead regarding lending to microfinance institutions (MFIs). We strive to make the microfinance industry a long term and stable contributor to the overall corporate business segment.

Features and Benefits

Avoid Foreign Exchange Risk
Our back-to-back facility is specifically designed to help microfinance operations reduce foreign exchange risk. 

Guaranteed Dollar Cash Collateral
Receive the dollar cash collateral regardless of foreign exchange rate fluctuations

Service Details

Maximum term 
3 years per tranche
Service fees
Up to 1.5%
Repayment scheme
Case by case

Terms and Conditions

Two years of operation, TBS> MMK 2 b