Simple, unsecured working capital loans that grow with your business activity

SMART Credit Business

SMART Credit Business is a salable working capital loan for small business customers of Yoma Bank, with loan amounts that increase as your business grows and as you repay prior loans on time.  SMART Credit Business can help grow your enterprise, without requiring collateral, extensive paperwork, or guarantors.

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Features and Benefits

Scalable Financing
With a loan offer that grows with your transaction volume, your business will always have the capital it needs to thrive. 

Automatic Repayment
Equal monthly installments are automatically deducted from borrowers’ SMART account, with reminder SMS messages sent before each payment due date.

Easy to Apply
Apply through our simple and easy online application

Smart Credit Business is available to any small business in Myanmar with a business license or company registration. Apply to find out more.

Interest, Fees and Loan Term

Maximum loan term
1-3 months for initial loan, up to 12 months for subsequent loans
14.5% per annum

*Monthly payments, interest and fees deducted automatically from your SMART Account on the due date
**Interest calculated daily and charged monthly

Starting from 1st of April, there will be no more service fees.
(Only applicable to loans from 1st of April and On-wards)