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Distributor Loan

Yoma Bank’s Distributor Loans can help distribution companies solve short-term cash flow issues by providing advance payments for outstanding invoices. With a loan amount of up to three times a company’s historic monthly sales towards Yoma Bank’s Corporate Client, a Distributor Loan can help sustain the cash flow your business needs to grow.

Features and Benefits

Receive Advance Payment
Get a loan of up to three times your monthly sales based on your company's business history and outstanding invoices.

Interest, Fees and Loan Term

Maximum Term
24 months (2 years)
Loan limit
300million MMK (standard limit, but may apply for larger amounts)
16% per annum
Arrangement fee
Renewal fee

*Interest calculated daily and charged monthly


  • Must have a business relationship with Yoma Bank’s Corporate Client for a minimum 6 months
  • Must have a minimum 1-year business operation
  • Business license
  • Original NRC ID card or household registration card for verification
  • Receipts of revenue tax/commercial tax for the previous 1 year

*All documentation must be in the borrowers' name.