Bank Holidays for 2020

January 1st    
International New Year
January 4th
Independence Day
January 6th
February 12th
Union Day
March 2nd
Peasant’s Day
March 8th
Full Moon Day Of Tabaung
March 9th 
March 27th
Armed Forces Day
April 10th to 17th
Myanmar New Year
May 1st 
World Workers’ Day
May 6th
Full Moon Day of Kason
July 19th 
Martyr’s Day
July 20th 
August 3rd 
Full Moon Day of Wahso
October 29th to November 2nd
Thidingyut Holidays
November 27th to 30th 
Tazungdine Holidays
December 9th    
National Day
December 25th   
Christmas Day
December 31st  
New Year Eve