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About SMART Credit Business

SMART Credit Business is a scalable working capital loan for small business customers of Yoma Bank, with loan amounts that increase as your business grows and as you repay prior loans on time. SMART Credit Business can help grow your enterprise, without requiring collateral, extensive paperwork, or guarantors.

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Features & Benefits


Scalable Financing

Automatic Repayment

Easy to Apply via online application

Instant loan

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Other details of SMART Credit Business


Maximum loan term1-3 months for initial loan, up to 12 months for subsequent loans
Interest14.5% per annum*

* Rates may subject to change


Monthly payments, interest and fees deducted automatically from your Flexi Everyday Account on the due date.

Establishment Fees1%
Penalty (late fee)3.5% per month on outstanding amounts

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For more information, please contact to Yoma Bank 24/7 call center – 9662 or 097 9662 9662 or Yoma Bank official Facebook page or go to nearest branch during the operation hour and do not forget to bring NRC/Passport.

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