Receive an advance on your paycheck directly into your SMART account

Salary Advance

With Yoma Bank’s Salary Advance feature (available through SMART), you can borrow the money you need for shortages and emergencies. Get up to 30% of your paycheck deposited directly into your SMART account and pay it back when you get paid. 

Features and Benefits

A Financial Safety Net
With an advance of up to 30% of your salary, Salary Advance provides the additional funds you need to cover unexpected shortages

Hassle-free Repayment
Payments automatically deducted from your SMART account from next month’s salary

Low, one-time fee
Pay only one fixed administration fee with every approved Salary Advance


  • Applicant must be over the age of 18
  • Have pre-approval from your employer to receive a Salary Advance
  • Must receive your salary as a direct deposit into your Yoma Bank SMART account every month through your employer’s use of the Yoma Bank “payroll services”
  • Must have received your salary into your Yoma Bank SMART account for at least one month already
  • Must not have any outstanding loans or debts with Yoma Bank
  • Must not have any negative payment history with Yoma Bank

Administration Fees

Service Fees
 <= 80,000
 <= 160,000 3,500Ks
 <= 320,000
 <= 400,000
 <= 500,000

Easy, Four-Step Application