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JZü Account

Save with Yoma Bank’s JZu Account, a revolutionary savings accounts, that allows you to earn interest and gives you an opportunity to win up to three times your deposit in our monthly prize draws.

Features and Benefits

Earn Interest *
Enjoy the benefits of a Call Account while accruing an interest rate of 2% p.a. with no minimum balance

Monthly Prize Draw **
If you maintain a balance of at least 100,000 MMK in JZu account, you are eligible to participate in the random draw and win up to three times your deposit in our monthly draw

SMART Account and MPU Debit Card
When you open a JZu account, you are automatically given a SMART Account with a free MPU Debit Card

*Interest calculated daily and paid monthly.
** Eligibility criteria applies. Refer to T&Cs for more information.

JZu Monthly Prize Draw  

Maintain a minimum balance of at least 100,000 MMK and you will be automatically enter our monthly prize draw. The monthly prize pool is calculated as up to 2% of the total monthly average of all JZu account deposits. Hence, the monthly prize pool depends on the total balance of all JZu account deposits and prize pool will increase if deposit grows. Customers who are eligible in JZu draws for at least six times will have a chance to triple their deposit if being selected. ***

*** If reward exceeds total monthly prize pool, winners are eligible for additional funds up to 30,000,000 MMK.


  • Minimum balance to be eligible for monthly draw: 100,000 MMK
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must provide original NRC ID Card or passport for verification
  • Must simultaneously open SMART Account or hold existing SMART Account
  • Must be opened as an individual account.
  • Must not have more than one JZu account per customer.
  • Not eligible to be opened as enterprise, joint or minor accounts.

JZU Calculator


Monthly Interest

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Total Interest

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Eligible Amount

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Total Amount
(Amount+Total Interest)

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Disclaimer: This calculation is just for illustration purpose only, based on certain assumed prerequisites. Terms and Conditions apply.