At Yoma Bank, we are driven by our purpose to build a better Myanmar for its people. 

Following the appointment of our new CEO in 2019, the Leaders of Yoma Bank created the 2025 Strategic Plan by leveraging the strong foundations built over the last 25 years. The Bank used the current macro environment to forecast conditions as well as engaged with its customers to assess its competitive position over a 5-year horizon. More importantly, the Strategic Plan is orientated towards serving our customers better and has the aim to grow the Bank's customer base by 10 times by 2025. The Board of Directors approved the new strategy in January 2020.

Today, everyone in Yoma Bank is committed to delivering the 2025 Strategic Plan and its objectives –  working towards bringing innovation, and uplifting capability to serve our customers better.

2025 objectives
To focus on delivering impact to Myanmar businesses
Empowering Myanmar business by providing access to capital is crucial for building a better Myanmar. Small and large companies are the bedrock of our economy, and we aim to make it easy and simple for Myanmar’s businesses to have access to capital and financial services. 
To become the main bank of our customersWe aim to elevate and deepen our relationships with our customers - fulfilling their financial needs.  We will make the best use of technology to enhance customer experience, facilitate payment and banking operations.
To create growth and value for our shareholdersWe aim to drive growth and create value for all our customers and our shareholders alike.