Yoma Bank 

About Us - Yoma Bank
As ‘the Responsible Bank’ for over 28 years, Yoma Bank has been the fastest developing private bank in Myanmar. By strategically investing into our people, technology and governance, Yoma Bank has developed a trusted reputation within the community, which has been an essential part of establishing local and international partnerships to progressively move forward. Yoma Bank was the first local bank in Myanmar to welcome a foreign financial institution as its shareholder International Finance Corporation (IFC) converted investment loans in 2014 to equity on May 2019. As an affiliate of GIC, Greenwood Capital Pte Ltd, and Norfund have acquired stakes in Yoma Bank in early 2020 with total transactions is approximately MMK 130 Billion. 

We understand that each customer is unique, we pride ourselves on delivering a full range of banking services whether it be saving for a rainy day or bringing your business aspirations to reality. As ‘the Responsible Bank,’ we centre our core values to fulfil our commitment of being a trusted partner through all stages of life. 

Pioneering Myanmar’s digital banking initiatives such as automated lending platforms that seamlessly integrates into our SMART banking application, we are determined to change the dynamics of traditional banking into a landscape that delivers more for our people.