Employee Engagement 

Yoma Bank’s senior management communicates on a regular basis through monthly town hall meetings where the management team shares the vision for the future, current projects and direction of the bank. Department heads also share departmental high lights and achievements. The platform is opened to all to ask questions and share concerns. If a question could not be answered during the town hall meeting, it was parked and discussed, shared with all town hall members at a later date. Town hall members include the CEO, some of the Board Members, Executive Directors, Chiefs, Heads, Deputy Heads and Regional Managers who take turns sharing the updates with their teams. Team meetings take place weekly. 
Yoma Bank has a very comfortable and modern headquarters at Myanmar Plaza, the open workplace environment and canteen promotes staff interaction on a regular basis. The atmosphere generates friendship among staff, enhances the flow of information and teamwork. Annual Management Message Tour to branches facilitate positive interaction and feedback session between branches staffs and leadership team members. Monthly department/branch birthday events contribute positive working environment as well.

The Admin team is constantly in touch with the Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) team to ensure workplace health and safety. Security guards are located on all floors and all staff have staff IDs which are used as access cards. All staff are not allowed to access all floors, card access is given depending on work requirements/ dealings with other departments. CCTVs are all over. All staff including CEO punches in and out so that attendance is recorded as well as in times of emergencies staff ins and outs are easily accessible. All staff have one-hour lunch break where they can visit the plaza and take some time off and relax. 

Rabo Bank & Yoma Bank partnership 2 months program in Netherland

Ei Thinzar (Deputy Head Of Corporate) and May Myat Phyu Sin (Deputy Head of Homeloan) shared their experiences about the program. 

“Spending two months with participants from different parts of the world to exchange views and idea was the most amazing experience for me. Reinforcement of "think globally, act locally" is the best way to service our stakeholders - mix it right to stay relevant in the market. I managed to find what my strengths are and leveraging my strengths to create better person at work and social life.”

“Rabo Partnerships program is a great learning curve for me. The networking experiences with the participates from other banks is enriching and I have learnt how they are also dealing with digital transformation at their organization.

It has showered me with both banking knowledge and valuable soft skills required to champion our daily lives. Their vision of “growing a better world together” has not only inspired me to become a more giving person but to also adopt sustainable approaches in life. It had also helped me to discover my inner strengths and use them as my recipe of success.”

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