Between April 2019 and June 2020, the Board met 10 times, the Audit Committee 5 times, the Risk Oversight Committee met 6 times. The following table summarises the attendance of our BOD members: 

Board RoleMeeting attendanceAudit CommitteeMeeting attendance
Risk Oversight CommitteeMeeting attendance
U Theim Wai @ Mr. Serge Pun Executive Chairman 80%
U Myat Thin AungNon Executive Director70%    
U Tun MyatIndependent Non-Executive Director
Chairman 100%Member 100% 
U Kyi AyeExecutive Director 100% Member100%Member 100%
Mr. Melvyn Pun*
Non-Executive Director
  Chairman 100% 
Mr. Dean Cleland*Executive Director100%    
Daw Aye Aye SoeExecutive Director100%   Member 100%
(*) Mr. Melvyn Pun and Mr. Dean Cleland joined the Board on November 2019. They attended since the two BOD meetings that have been held since that time. Mr. Melvyn Pun attended 4 Risk Oversight Committee meetings since November 2019. 

The People, Remunerations and Nominations Advisory Committee is currently chaired by U Tun Myat, who is an Independent Non-Executive Director of our Board, and includes 4 members. The Committee met twice in 2020. All the members attended 100% of the meetings.