Sharing is not always Caring  

Scam Awareness - Yoma Bank
Even with someone close to you, keep your personal details to yourself. We would like to encourage our Yoma Bank’s customers not to share your financial and personal information with anyone. 

Phone Fraud

Scam Awareness - Yoma Bank
Every phone call has a risk you need to be aware of especially when it comes to your financial information. Scammers who impersonate as Yoma Bank employees or representatives might call you and ask for your bank account details. In such fraudulent calls, we kindly request our customers to refrain from disclosing any sensitive information to others. 

Advance Fees Scam

Scam Awareness - Yoma Bank
If you are ahead of the game, you will never be the game.

Have you received the message asking for the money to claim large lottery winnings? Or perhaps you’ve noticed posts asking for service fees to proceed the loan application. Beware of such scams that may lure you by offering irresistible offers. Ignore emails/messages with unbelievable offers. 

Never disclose personal information on social media 

Scam Awareness - Yoma Bank
Never disclose sensitive personal information on social media as scammers are everywhere. To avoid financial loss due to personal information disclosure, we solicitously advise and encourage our customers to avoid sharing important personal information on social media.

Business Email Compromise 

Scam Awareness - Yoma Bank
If you are ahead of the game, you will never be the game. 

Be alert of the fraud emails, which are pretended to be from financial institutions and request you to transfer money to unknown bank accounts. Never deposit money in an unknown person’s account.

Be CyberSure

Scam Awareness - Yoma Bank
Think before you click.

Do you know that the scammers might pretend to be a bank representative and send you suspicious links such as Customer Feedback Forms, Messages and Emails? 

If those scam emails or messages are in your inbox, it is a must to confirm whether it is official from the bank. We would like to remind our customers to be vigilant of scam links by verifying with Yoma Bank’s blue checkmark official Facebook Page.

Your important information is for your eyes only

Scam Awareness - Yoma Bank
Sharing your smile seems conventional, yet when it comes to your Bank OTP Code, we suggest you not to share.  

To prioritize the safety of your bank account, the best option is not to share your User ID of your mobile banking/ ATM Card, Password, PIN numbers and OTP Code to anyone.  

Bank Smart

Scam Awareness - Yoma Bank
Prevention is always better than cure. Here are some tips we would like to share for our Yoma Bank’s customers to use Digital Banking Services (Mobile Banking Application/ Online Banking) safely. 

  • Never forget to log out your bank account after using Digital Banking 
  • Never use your Digital Banking with public wifi. 
  • Only download the applications from the official App Stores 

Email Fraud

Scam Awareness - Yoma BankHave you ever received suspicious links from an unknown sender via email or instant message?

When you come across such shady links, it's crucial to avoid clicking them instantly. Yoma Bank will never ask for your personal or banking details over emails or instant messages. If you ever receive the link in the form of communication from Yoma Bank, we would like to remind to be vigilant and advise you to verify whether the link is from the source of Yoma Bank.

Stay alert and report bank impersonations and scamming by calling to our Yoma Bank’s 24/7 Customer Care Centre 9662 (or) 09796629662 (or) reaching out from Yoma Bank’s official Facebook Page messenger.