Mr. Murray Macdougall

Chief Performance Officer

Murray Macdougall commenced with Yoma Bank in May 2015 as Deputy Chief Operating Officer overseeing the effective operations of the Retail Division. On September 1st 2017 Murray was appointed to a new role of Chief Performance Officer responsible for sales , service, customer service delivery and satisfaction for all business units and product lines across the bank. Previously Murray has had an extensive career of over 40 years focusing within the Retail Banking Area across many geographies including Australia, Pacific Islands, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Laos, Cambodia, Qatar and UAE . Attaining numerous leadership roles both in network and head quarter positions. Murray has an extensive experience developing marketing, branding and merchandising strategies for numerous banks including ANZ Australia, ANZ Royal Cambodia, Qatar national Bank, ANZ Panin Indonesia. Murray brings with him an already proven engaging enthusiasm to coach mentor and build skills within local Yoma Bank staff with a desire to ensure they personally grow and succeed whilst delivering an improved level or performance for both the bank and its customers.