Yoma Bank and Httpool initiates Digital Literacy Program for small and medium businesses in Myanmar

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Yoma Bank and Httpool initiates Digital Literacy Program for small and medium businesses in Myanmar

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Yoma Bank and Httpool initiates Digital Literacy Program for small and medium businesses in Myanmar

17 December 2020Press News

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Yoma Bank and Httpool (Facebook Authorized Sales Partner) host digital literacy online event to help advance local businesses.

Yangon, MYANMAR — 17 December 2020: Yoma Bank, one of the leading local banks, and Httpool, Facebook Authorized Sales Partner in Myanmar, will host an online webinar at 1:00pm to 5:00pm on 17th Dec 2020 to build digital literacy for Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) in Myanmar.

The majority of internet users in the country primarily focus on social media and online video services. Although there has been an exponential increase in accessibility, most of the population does not engage in digital or mobile banking services, with the primary challenge being the lack of digital literacy and know-how from the consumers.

Consequently, limitations exist on the journey towards effectively utilizing digital finance services. Yoma Bank has partnered with Httpool to initiate the digital literacy program for SMEs. The objective of this program is to equip Myanmar SMEs with the digital literacy and skills required to leverage digital platforms as a means of marketing and promoting their business thus empowering them to reach millions of customers active daily on social media throughout Myanmar. Enhancing their overall digital knowledge and skills, SMEs will be better equipped to drive profitability by efficiently and effectively leveraging the capacity of digital solutions. 

“Through financial and digital literacy training, we can help create an understanding of the simple ways to work with banks digitally and thus establish financial sustainability for business owners so that they can address their businesses-specific needs”, said Dean Cleland, CEO of Yoma Bank. 

Digital technology and social media platforms are becoming increasingly effective to promote products and services. Therefore, businesses require new knowledge to be able to manoeuvre through the dynamic digital environment of digital banking and financial services, as well as social media customer interaction. As we move towards a digital era, these skills will provide Myanmar business owners with a solid foundation in building a relevant and sustainable business.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Yoma Bank – one of Myanmar’s most prestigious banks – towards building a strong foundation for digital literacy in Myanmar. We are excited to make Facebook’s best-in-class knowledge available to all advertisers in the country, regardless of their size. Our purpose is to help SMEs grow by enabling them to reach millions of people, who are active daily on Facebook in Myanmar”, states Rohan Kapoor, Country Lead, Httpool Myanmar.

With a mutually aligned vision of increasing the digital and financial literacy rate in Myanmar, Yoma Bank and Httpool will continue to invest in its partnership throughout the upcoming year.

Digital Literacy Program Online Event Webinar Agenda

1:00pm – 1:15pm Opening words/keynote speaker

Paul Oppenheimer – Chief Products, Services and Channels Officer at Yoma Bank
1:20pm – 3:20pmFacebook for SMEs

Rohan Kapoor – Country Lead HTTPOOL Myanmar
Seine Lai – Senior Client Partner HTTPOOL Myanmar
Kyaw Zaul Hein – Client Solutions Manager HTTPOOL Myanmar
10 mins break 
3:30pm – 4:15pm How to promote your business on social media

Samantha Htoon – Head of Lending at Yoma Bank
4:15pm – 5:00pm How to approach your local bank for your financial services needs

Thiri Yadana Kyaw – Product Manager – Senior Manager at Yoma Bank

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