Yoma Bank launches the "Grow Together BizPitch” Program to support micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) and start-ups in Myanmar

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Yoma Bank launches the "Grow Together BizPitch” Program to support micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) and start-ups in Myanmar

News & Activities > Press news

Yoma Bank launches the "Grow Together BizPitch” Program to support micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) and start-ups in Myanmar

3 October 2023Press News

This program will not only help micro, small, and medium enterprises MSMEs and start-ups in the country grow and succeed, but also provide business advice and opportunities.

3, Oct 2023, Yangon – In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Yoma Bank, the “Grow Together BizPitch” program has been launched for MSME and Start-up businesses in Myanmar. The program aims to promote and support local micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) and start-up businesses, and it also reflects Yoma Bank’s efforts to support the economic sector in Myanmar.

This “Grow Together BizPitch” program, which was launched in celebration of Yoma Bank’s 30th anniversary, will include successful professionals from various industries who will provide academic support throughout the program, and anyone can join this program by submitting applications between October 5 and November 18, 2023. Any eligible MSMEs and Start-ups applicant joining this program is not required to pay any application fees. And applicants are to submit the required documents via this link: https://yomabank.net/grow-together-bizpitch/.

“I am delighted that this program was carried out to mark Yoma Bank’s 30th anniversary. Yoma Bank is excited to support businesses with potential through our “Grow Together BizPitch” program and work together to build a solid foundation. Yoma Bank will continue to help the Myanmar community achieve a better life and future through growing MSMEs and start-up businesses in the future.” said Ma May Sandi, Yoma Bank’s Head of SME Banking.

Applications received after the “Grow Together BizPitch” program’s deadline will be evaluated by the program director and members of the selection committee, and a total of 200 eligible businesses will be selected. The program director and members of the selection committee will choose 30 businesses as finalists from the 200 selected businesses. On an evaluation of the submissions and business proposals of the 30 finalists, the program director and members of the selection committee will select (4) businesses to receive the final award. Each of the final (4) businesses will receive a grant/seed financing of 50,000,000 Kyats from Yoma Bank to support their business initiatives and help them achieve their business goals. Yoma Bank will award the prize money in accordance with the specified rules and regulations based on the category of business such as service providing business, production business, etc. in order to enable establishment and support sustainability.

U Soe Hein, the program director of the “Grow Together BizPitch” program, said, “We welcome this kind of program that promotes the development of MSMEs and Start-ups. As for me, I will provide the required assistance throughout the program, and we will provide the necessary economic development recommendations. I would like to encourage the participating businesses to apply what they have learned to their business operations even if they did not receive the award.”

Yoma Bank and business consultants will host events in Yangon, Mandalay, Taunggyi, and Pathein to promote MSMEs and start-ups, foster business connections, and provide valuable insights during the application period. These events include talk shows, online lectures, and radio discussions, all aimed at facilitating business advice sharing and educational endeavors within the “Grow Together BizPitch” program.

The dates and times of the events in these cities will be announced on Yoma Bank Limited’s official Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ymabank and Yoma Bank’s website https://yomabank.net/grow-together-bizpitch/, as well as information about the “Grow Together BizPitch” program.

Yoma Bank proudly celebrates its 30-year legacy as a steadfast ethical institution, exemplifying its commitment by accelerating a diverse range of community benefit initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of life and fostering a promising future for the people of Myanmar.

About Yoma Bank

As ‘the Responsible Bank’ for 30 years, Yoma Bank has been the fastest developing private bank in Myanmar. By strategically investing in its people, technology and governance, Yoma Bank has developed a trusted reputation within the community, which has been an essential part of establishing local and international partnerships to progressively move forward. Yoma Bank was the first local bank in Myanmar to welcome a foreign financial institution. GIC, Greenwood Capital Pte Ltd, and Norfund, Norwegian Investment Fund for developing countries, have been a trusted affiliate of Yoma Bank. These strategic partnerships have demonstrated Yoma Bank’s strong position in Myanmar’s financial sector and its commitment to achieving sustainable capital growth. Yoma Bank always prioritizes the interests of its customers, upholds the highest standards of integrity, and provides the best customer service achievable through strong cooperation.

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