Domestic Remittances

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Domestic Remittances

Personal Banking > Money Transfer

About Domestic Remittances

Send money to friends and family from anywhere, to anywhere. With locations throughout the country, Yoma Bank has the most reliable and secure remittance service in Myanmar.

Why you should choose our domestic remittances service

Features & Benefits


No-limit Transfers

Fast and Cost-Effective

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Name and NRC numbers of sender and recipient
  • Name of destination Yoma Bank branch

  • Original NRC ID card of recipient

Before using the service, check these information

Small Print About Domestic Remittances


  • Remittance customers: 0.1% (minimum 3,000 MMK)
  • High Value Yoma customers: 0.05% (minimum 1,500 MMK)

*0.1% (minimum 3,000 MMK) will be charged for transfers to Muse.

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