Yoma Bank is committed to supporting SME development in Myanmar. We believe that small business is the backbone of Myanmar’s economy providing better services and products as we emerge from decades of isolation. We also believe the SME are viable, commercial enterprises that deserve the respect and high level of service that a larger, corporate, client may demand. Our goal is to support the development of SME into larger, sustainable businesses that can expand nationally and across the ASEAN region.

Servicing SME requires significant investment in technology and outreach that will allow Yoma Bank to target these businesses in a sustainable manner.  Our challenge is to deliver competitive, quality products to our SME customers as well as manage risk for the Bank. Currently Yoma Bank is identifying and investing in these technologies with the goal of expanding its SME offering in the years to come. In the meantime Yoma Bank is actively targeting SME in its loan portfolio - over 70% of our loans have been made to SME with an average loan size of 175,000,000 kyat or USD175,000. We are particularly pleased that many of these loans have been made outside of the more developed commercial centres of Yangon and Mandalay supporting broad based growth across Myanmar.


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