Ms. Suzanne Pun


Ms. Suzanne Pun joined Serge Pun & Associates (Myanmar) in 1990 as an Office Administrator.  She was involved in setting up the First Myanmar Investment Company and returned to the United States after its formation.  In 1993, she returned to Myanmar to start the Stamford City Business Institute (SCBI), setting a platform for training all in-house staff of the SPA Group in basic office skills, from typing to office administration, management, and leadership skills.  SCBI also functioned independently as a popular language school for local children and adults. In 1997, she took over the training program for Yoma Bank staff until she retired in 2008. In 2013, she rejoined Yoma Bank as Ombudsman.   Prior to her work with the SPA Group, Ms. Pun was an English teacher in the University of Rangoon, and had worked as a secretary and legal assistant in real estate and law firms in Honolulu, Hawaii.